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EmoCall helps phone call service businesses to

better understand their customers and employees

using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analytics.




Know costumers and employees

better than themselves


Contact centers waste money and resources to measure customer satisfaction and their service quality.

Despite this, common practices are not effective:

Client Satisfaction

Less than 18% of phone call customers fill up satisfaction surveys


Less than 10% of recorded calls are randomly picked for quality analysis.


Lack of E.I. indicator to improve the service team performance.

They are overlooking the most important resource: The phone call itself!


Artificial Intelligent system for speech emotions recognitions combine with statistical analytics to measure client satisfaction and service quality in live or recorded phone calls. 

EmoCall is also:

Language independant (western languages)

Conversation context free (it does not know what is saying)

Modular and flexible to adapt to all soft phone systems

Customs reports and dashboards


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